Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine

Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine ( OMM )

What is Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine?

Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine

Started in 1874 by Dr. Andrew Still in the United States, Osteopathic medicine specializes in the spinal and joint health. Osteopathic therapy works with the natural healing abilities of the body and considers the whole person. Osteopathic physicians commonly treat the cause of the problem rather than focus only on symptom relief. The osteopathic New York approach is an emphasis on the person’s health instead of disease.

Osteopaths study the relationship between the structures and functions of the body. The approach considers the inseparable connection of the body’s functioning to the emotional and spiritual aspects of the person as well. At the core of Osteopathic Medicine New York is belief in the body’s innate ability to self-heal. The osteopath’s role is to find structural alterations and by manipulation, improve the structure and therefore the function. By restoring these, the whole body will maintain better overall health. Thorough knowledge of all systems of the body and training in the comprehensive osteopathic approach is the main difference between this and other forms of manipulative bodywork or therapy.

What Can I Expect from Osteopathic Medicine?

Doctor Osteopath will palpate and choose from a variety of techniques such as manipulation, casts, medication, or, in severe situations, even surgery. Plans are made with you individually that will consider many aspects of your life. Most commonly, manipulation is part of every treatment plan. Osteopathic manipulation treatment is gentle and therapeutic. It may involve releasing restrictions or dysfunctions with myofascial release, muscle energy (contracting your muscles), thrust techniques that cause “popping” sensations, or strain-counter strain (going into the position of strain).

What Are The Reported Benefits from Osteopathic Treatment?

The benefits list of osteopathy therapy or osteopathy in New York is as long as the types of dysfunction that can present in the body. Many people think that the benefits are isolated to back pain and injuries. However, Osteopaths specialize in treating the healthful functioning of the whole body.

How Much Does It Cost to be treated by Osteopathic Doctor?

Osteopathic doctors are practicing in a huge variety of settings and environments so the cost will be influenced accordingly. They are licensed to practice the same scope of medicine as medical doctors so expect costs to be in a similar range. To learn more about osteopathic treatment prices please contact our Osteopathic Clinics in Brooklyn, NY.

What Kind of Training Does Osteopath Have?

Registered Osteopaths have a degree or diploma in Osteopathy. Osteopaths attend four-year osteopathic medical schools. In addition to traditional medical school, osteopaths receive 300-500 hours of structural diagnosis and hands-on treatment. Osteopaths are qualified to perform surgery and prescribe drugs. Many Osteopathic schools offer masters in public health, research, or education, or PhD’s, in combination with the Doctor of Osteopathy.